A Literary Week in Lowell

If you are interested in literature about Lowell or written by people from Lowell, there are a couple of events this week for you.

This Thursday (July 7) night, at 6 pm at HyperText Bookstore Café at 107 Merrimack Street, Paul Marion will convene a group of poets and authors whose work he has published under the Loom Press label. The “Loom Press Writers Reading” will include Steve O’Connor, Kate Hanson Foster, David Moloney, Walter Bacigalupo, and Kassie Dickinson Rubico with a mix of fiction and poetry. The event is free, although you are welcome to purchase a book, beverage, or snack while at HyperText. And don’t forget, this is also First Thursday with many other activities going on in downtown Lowell that evening.

Then on Saturday, July 9, Sean Thibodeau will lead this week’s Lowell Walk. The topic is Literary Lowell. The walk begins at 10 am at Lowell National Park Visitor Center, 246 Market St, and lasts about 90 minutes.