Lowell City Council Meeting: April 26, 2016

City Manager introduces Kerran Vigroux, the city’s new Health and Human Services Director, to the city council. He also thanks Jo-Ann Keegan for filling the position during the vacancy.

Public Hearings – Order of taking and acceptance of Dowling Drive and Cresta Drive (two existing streets that had not yet been formally accepted as city streets).

Order of taking of portion of Suffolk Street. This is in conjunction with taking over the Enel bridges and will allow the city to utilize the Federal Tiger grant.

Installation of new telephone pole at corner of Nesmith and Andover.


Councilor Mercier request City Manager address deteriorating conditions, flooding issues, etc on Huntoon Ave. “The motion speaks for itself” by Councilor Mercier.

Elliott – Req. City Council discuss the placing of POW/MIA chair at Cawley Stadium and refer request to Parks/Subcommittee and Board of Parks for approval.

Elliott/C. Milinazzo – Req. City Council adopt a resolution to oppose funding cut to Mass Cultural Council in FY17 State Budget. Councilor Elliott explains that the House Budget recently released had cut $4mil in funding for cultural councils (the governor level funded it). Given importance of culture in Lowell, council should go on record that it at least be level-funded.

Milinazzo – Req. City Mgr. report on the impact of the pending Transformative Development Initiative aimed at Gateway Cities may have on Lowell’s economic development agenda. There is funding for ten Gateway cities but Lowell wasn’t selected as one of them. This is an effort to get that reconsidered by the state.

Milinazzo – Req. City Mgr. report on the impact the State’s Brownfields Redevelopment Fund has had on contaminated sites in Lowell. Councilor Milinazzo is looking for a report showing the total amount of funds the city has received for brwonfields redevelopment.

Samaras – Req. City Mgr. provide status report regarding the former waterworks building on Hampshire Street.

Samaras/C. Belanger – Req. City Council offer a letter of support of the DPD application to the Boston Federal Reserve Working Cities Challenge Grant. Councilors emphasize the importance of this initiative in improving the upper Merrimack Street corridor.

Leahy – Req. City Mgr. explore creating a data position at the DPD that would include collecting and analyzing information to assist with housing, economic development, planning and homelessness.

Leary – Req. City Mgr. prepare update regarding the installation of FIOS technology in the City. He cites last week’s announcement that FIOS is going into Boston. He thinks we should resume pressing FIOS on Lowell’s behalf.

Kennedy – Req. City Mgr. have the proper department provide a report regarding water meter readings at 47 Tenth Street.

Meeting adjourns at 747pm