New Canalway Vitality Project: Planning Meeting #1

Next Initiative for Lowell/Canalway Vitality
Community Planning Meeting #1
Thursday, Feb. 11, 5.30 to 7 pm
UMass Lowell Innovation Hub
110 Canal Street, 3rd floor
Lowell (near Appleton Mills and Mill No. 5)
Parking at meters nearby or at Early Garage on Jackson St., two blocks away
The purpose of the first meeting of working groups is to bring together the volunteer planners to start developing ideas for ways and means to make the Lowell canal system a more active public- and private-sector resource. Community planners will form groups organized around Culture, Economic Development, and Tourism. Participants will begin to develop a base-line of knowledge and information about the canal system as it relates to their particular area. Through two 90-minute workshops (Feb. and March) and a two-hour planning workshop in April, group members will identify a preliminary set of short-, medium-, and long-term action items that will be incorporated as text and graphics into a report to be released in October 2016. For more information, contact

3 Responses to New Canalway Vitality Project: Planning Meeting #1

  1. Kevin Fahy says:

    I think lighting of the canal in front of the Boott Mills would be nice.
    If it could be integrated with the Lowell Summer Music Series performances. It would be quite impressive

  2. Brian says:


    How is it that the remaining Mass mills can be saved but smaller 509 Market St gets the wrecking ball?