Lowell Presidential Straw Poll

Last week, State Representative Rady Mom held a pre-Iowa Caucus Straw Poll at the home of Lisa Gwiazda and Matt Donahue. Besides indicating their preference for president in 2016, attendees were asked to bring or where their favorite presidential campaign memorabilia. I wasn’t able to attend, by I’m told by someone who was there that Paul Tsongas ’92 items were much more in evidence than Dukakis ’88 or Kerry ’04, to complete the roster of recent presidential candidates with Lowell-ties.

As for the voting, here are the results. In a just a few hours, we’ll be able to see how they match up with those of the caucusing Caucasians of Iowa (to steal a phrase from Esquire’s Charles Pierce):


Hillary Clinton: 23

Bernis Sanders: 19

Martin O’Malley: 0

John Kasich: 17

Donald Trump: 16

George Bush: 14

Ted Cruz: 13

Marco Rubio: 11

Ben Carson: 0

Chris Christie: 0

Carly Fiorina: 0

Mike Huckabee: 0

Rand Paul: 0

Rick Santorum: 0