Upcoming Foreclosures in Lowell

Massachusetts is a “non-judicial” foreclosure state, which means the courts are not directly involved in the process of foreclosing on a mortgage. Instead, it is entirely up to the lender to schedule and conduct a foreclosure. The only way that the public can learn of foreclosure auctions is by reading the legal notices at the end of the local newspaper (in our case, the Lowell Sun). Massachusetts law requires the foreclosing lender to publish a “Notice of Mortgagee’s Sale” in the newspaper, once per week for three consecutive weeks. Because the number of foreclosures in Lowell are creeping upwards, I’m going to try to capture the info from notices of sale published from week to week and post them. Here are the notices of sale that were published last week:

October 27 – 60 Bodwell Ave

October 28 – 110 Boylston Ln Unit 28

November 4 – 69 Nichols St, 14 Preston St, 492 Boylston St, and 1225 Pawtucket Blv Unit 117

November 9 – 68 South Walker St, 33-35 Harrison St

November 13 – 67 Montview Ave, 31-33 Auburn St, 3-4 South Franklin Ct

November 16 – 30 Read St, 483-485 Central St, 19 Sawtelle Place, 977 Westford St Unit 12

November 17 – 416 Butman Rd

November 19 – 15 Preston St