Chairs at Boarding House Park

Earlier this summer I noticed that Amy Bisson, a friend who had just retired from teaching at Lowell’s Lincoln Elementary School, was regularly posting photos of Lowell that she took while walking around. I asked her this weekend if she would be willing to share some of her photographs and an occasional blog post with our readers here on and she said she would like to do that. I asked Amy to include a short biographical blurb with her first photo. Here is what she wrote:

Recently retired from a 30-year teaching career Amy Bisson and her husband, photographer Adrien Bisson, traded suburban living for life in Downtown Lowell. Armed with her trusty camera phone, she enjoys photographing the sights of Lowell on her daily walks. A transplanted Midwesterner, Amy enjoys blogging about her walks, cooking, and education.

And here is her first photo for our site

Chairs at Boarding House Park

Chairs at Boarding House Park

“Boarding House Park chairs. Sometimes a walkable city invites us to sit and people-watch.” Amy Bisson

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  1. Ann Marie Rindo says:

    Heard wonderful things about these walks from Amy! Can’t wait to join in the fun and learn new things about my hometown.