Lowell City Council meeting: April 14, 2015

Bowa Tucker, President of Lowell’s African American Alliance addresses the Council about the upcoming Nelson Mandela Overlook fundraiser breakfast which will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 8 am to 10 am at the Sage Bank Pavilion at the Tsongas Arena.  The cost is $25 per person.

Council recognizes Lowell Police Officer Chad Collins for saving the life of a one year old child who was choking last month.

Council Belanger comments about the motion response on making Lord Overpass more walkable.  He says the response is good but it might not be good enough going into the future.  He asks some of the DPD representatives to speak about it.  Craig Thomas of DPD seeks to incorporate the importance of Lord Overpass as a crossroads for everyone: cars, bikes and walkers.  He says what they have now is based on a 2009 design that pre-dated the state’s increased emphasis on greater walkability.  He says they will not tweak the design to make it more walkable.  Council Mericer points out that there are no sidewalks on the east side of the Lord Overpass down ramp.  Says this has to be addressed.  Thomas says he agrees with that.  Says the Fletcher/Jackson Street intersection should help improve that.  The other thing they hope to do is to continue the sidewalk design they already have on the South Common side.  Councilor Samaras says Councilor Mercier is correct.  Says when he made the motion he was concerned with the connection of all the art venues in the vicinity.  Asks if that is part of the consideration in making this a walkable area.  Thomas says they are focusing on larger entities but also individuals.  Says they had a very beneficial meeting with people at Western Avenue.  Says they are also working to schedule some public input sessions.

Sara White, a Jackson Street resident and Western Ave artist, presents a petition with 300 signatures urging the council to find a way to make pedestrian access across the railroad tracks separating Western Ave from Dutton Street.  The council accepts the petition.  Craig Thomas says the owner of Western Ave and the city agreed they would reach out to the railroad to try to make that happen.

Under suspension of rules, Councilor Mercier brings up the danger of the intersection at Kearney Square.  Says the reckless actions of drivers place in danger people who are properly crossing the intersection.

Neighborhood Subcommittee report by Chair Councilor Leahy.  Got overview of flood planning and procedures.


By Councilor Mercier, that the city show a 5 minutes fire safety video produced by a number of entities in Lowell at an upcoming city council meeting.

By Councilor Belanger, requests an update on redevelopment of Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank corporate headquarters.

Council adjourns at 7:47 pm.

2 Responses to Lowell City Council meeting: April 14, 2015

  1. hhammermill says:

    maybe a typo “He says they will not tweak the design to make it more walkable.” => “He says they will now tweak the design to make it more walkable.”? Otherwise thanks for the great post (as ususal)!

  2. Paul Early says:

    When I watched the City Council meeting, it seemed to me that Craig Thomas feels that he has already conducted his public outreach for the Lord Overpass. I do not recall seeing or hearing about any meetings. I understand that he met with Mill 5 people and the owners of the Western Avenue Studios, which he should do, but I do not see any mention of public meetings with other “stake holders” as he referred to them. I hope that all of you who are interested in increased public access will contact either the City Council or Mr Thomas and encourage them to conduct public meetings to which all Lowell residents are invited.

    If you want to contact a City Councilor or the City Council, here is the link:


    I encourage you all to contact them and let them know your view on this.