“Meanderings” by Jim Peters

On the first day of autumn, frequent contributor Jim Peters shares some end of summer thoughts:

I have not written much this summer because I have been living the dream; soft quiet nights, camping, fishing, swimming, and other pleasurable activities.  It is quite a change from the bipolar activities I am often saddled with, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I must say that I was upset when Robin Williams committed suicide, he made it seem too easy.  But, I have since been told that he was not going through treatment, probably because the illness makes you more quick-witted then you would normally be.  My doctor told me that he was using drugs and alcohol to cope and that is not a go0d treatment option, take it from someone who used alcohol as a treatment drug for years before getting real treatment medications and turning his life around.

     Anyway, I have caught one salt-water fish all summer and that one was six inches long.  My son, Adam, who is a professional photographer, took a picture of it at the end of my line.  It was fairly small and he thought that was very funny.  I guess I did too.  Rory, the son who took over my lawns and snowblowing, worked very hard this summer.  He did a much better job of it than I did, and his clients seemed to appreciate it.  Jeremy continues to be a first responder Para-Medic.  And my daughter is studying hard to keep up her grades in school so she can go to graduate or law school.
     Have you noticed how difficult it is to move out or your parent’s house now?  Is it just me or is it remarkably difficult?  I think that high rents have made it very difficult.  You can make money from a full-time job, only to see it go to pay for your car, and there is no money for rent.  Hard work does not necessarily guarantee a living wage.  You cannot make it up the ladder of success without a pretty hefty sum of money to get you started
     Overall, I believe that Kevin Murphy is redefining what it is to be City Manager.  Rodney Elliot is showing what it takes to be a very respectable Mayor.  The city seems to be in good hands.  I have a problem with the School Committee giving Jean Franco just one more year, which is now less than that, because I believe that she has sheperded the schools through some very difficult obstacles and deserves more credit than one year gives to you.  I would like the School Committee to reassess its stand and give her an additional year.  Changing school superintendents is somethiing I know about and she deserves better treatment.  So, School Committee, can you see it in your scopes to focus a little bit more on what she has and where she is going with it.