Marketing Lowell #2

If one of the priorities is to get more Lowell and Greater Lowell dollars circulating in Lowell because that will help in various ways, then we may need to make it easier for people in the area to spend their money in the city. I’m thinking about something like an L. L. Bean catalogue/ combination with a high-end commercial website complemented by a direct mail print piece that goes to every household in Lowell and surrounding towns twice a year. And the well-designed “catalogue” would include everything from tickets to MRT shows and restaurant reservations to gift items from Western Ave Studios and tote bags from UnWrapped. On top of the website and direct-mail piece there could be a Lowell Exchange one-stop shop downtown or on the neighborhood outskirts with associated parking. At the O’Connors’ the other night there was talk of consolidating the effort on marketing. Well, maybe it is time to consolidate the sales approach, figuring that the sum will be more impressive than the parts and acknowledging changed buying habits. It is also something that might be viewed as innovative for a city like Lowell and a differentiating approach that could give us a competitive advantage.

2 Responses to Marketing Lowell #2

  1. Maxine Farkas says:

    This is an intriguing idea Paul . . . It would take a lot of work to set up and some substantial funding to do properly, but it could be a pretty effective pull into the city. One of the reasons we started the Loading Dock Gallery at Western Ave back in 2008 was to use it as a marketing tool to draw visitors up into the individual studios and it works quite well in that regard.

    The Drum Hill area would be a good first location . . . on the outskirts, easy to get to, familiar territory for a lot of people from the area . . .

  2. Maxine Farkas says:

    A second thought . . . this would be an interesting lab for anyone teaching retail marketing, buyer behavior etc.