At last night’s city council meeting, Bill Martin made a motion that the city recreation department consider adding pickleball to the other sports, activities and games offered to those participating in summer programs at the city’s parks. I had never heard of pickleball and wondered if it was in any way related to the game of pickle we used to play as kids. That pickle was a baseball thing that mimicked stealing a base and getting caught in a rundown. Pickleball has nothing to do with that. It looks like some combination of tennis and badminton but NBC news does a better job of explaining it in this video:

2 Responses to Pickleball

  1. Jason says:

    We should be adding things like Bocce pits and tables with chess boards on them. These games would increase the adult presence at the parks making them safer and also allow parents to feel safer about letting their middle school students go to the park alone. An 80 year old grandfather and 10 year old granddaughter can play these games together, unlike tennis and pickleball.

  2. Dean says:

    I think that Lowell should have a Quidditch field. So we can have the World Cup of Quidditch in Lowell, I would like to see U/mass-Lowell and Lowell High School having Quidditch teams. It is a popular sport with the college campus in the Boston area.