Welcome to the new format for richardhowe.com

Welcome to the new format for richardhowe.com which is a custom design by Lowell’s own Stellar Web Studios. We will continue to bring you the steady stream of new posts that has characterized the site but the new format will also make it easier to locate and retrieve past content. In that way, we hope to provide “one stop shopping” for information about Lowell history and politics. In the coming days we’ll be activating exciting new features that will help accomplish this goal so keep checking back.

New formats for websites, be they launched by Facebook or a local website such as this, take time to get used to so please bear with us as we continue this conversion. We do welcome your comments and suggestions which you can send to me directly at dickhowejr@gmail.com.

2 Responses to Welcome to the new format for richardhowe.com

  1. Paul@0a852 says:

    It has a “clean” look but there’s too much white space which restricts the width of the article text making it annoying to read because you only get a few words before you have to shift your eyes back to the left for the next line.