Democratic Convention Results

Just back from a long day at the DCU Center in Worcester. I’ll post more details tomorrow but here are the results of the first ballot which decides who will appear on the ballot in the September 9 Primary Election. To do that, candidates needed the votes of 15% of the delegates at the convention. Three candidates failed to do this. They were Juliette Kayyem and Joe Avellone for Governor; and James Arena-DeRosa for Lt. Government. The campaigns of all three are over for this year.

Here are the results of the convention-wide vote followed by the vote in the First Middlesex District (Lowell, Westford, Tyngsborough, Dunstable, Pepperell and Groton):

For Governor, there were 4389 votes case. 659 were needed for 15%.

Steve Grossman – 1547 – 35.2%
Martha Coakley – 1024 – 23.3%
Don Berwick – 972 – 22.1%
Juliette Kayyem – 535 – 12/1%
Joe Avellone – 311 – 7.0%

For Lt Governor, there were 4313 votes cast; 647 were needed for 15%:

Steve Kerrigan – 1625 – 37.6%
Mike Lake – 1529 – 35.4%
Leland Cheung – 699 – 16.2%
James Arena-DeRosa – 460 – 10.6%

For Attorney General, there were 4349 votes cast; 653 were needed for 15%

Warren Tollman – 2255 – 51.8%
Maura Healey – 2094 – 48.1%

For Treasurer, there were 4299 votes cast; 645 were needed for 15%

Deb Goldberg – 1673 – 38.9%
Tom Conroy – 1461 – 33.9%
Barry Finegold – 1165 – 27.1%

In the First Middlesex District, here’s how the 88 votes were cast:

Coakley – 38
Grossman – 24
Berwick – 15
Kayyem – 11
Avellone – 0

Lt Governor
Kerrigan – 48
Cheung – 17
Lake – 16
Arena-DeRosa – 7

Attorney General
Healey – 49
Tollman – 39

Finegold – 50
Goldberg – 30
Conroy – 8

2 Responses to Democratic Convention Results

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting results. Maybe this is the wake-up call that the Democratic Party needs. Martha Coakley is a good public servant but she just doesn’t have what it takes to win a campaign for governor. How can she fire up the state when she can’t even fire up her own party?

    It’s always interesting to see who really has the political power behind the curtain in our district. The First Middlesex Kerrigan numbers should jump off the page for those looking a bit deeper into these results.

  2. Phi Shea says:

    Just talking out loud:

    This was the best convention that I attended since 1994 even thou it took forever to count the votes.

    I never realize how much of an effort is needed by the State Comm. Member Delegate in doing the vote count with all of the candidates representatives looking over your shoulder.

    Marie Sweeny did a wonderful job in my Senatorial District (2nd Essex/Middlesex) and I made it a point to congratulate her when I left at 7pm as it is a responsibility that everyone takes for granted.

    It was nic eto see and chat with Ed Kennedy,Artie Sullivan,Tom& Kathy Meehan,Mike Blatus,Greg Pappas,Steve O’neil,Tony Archinski,Dick Howe,Mike Demaras,Bill Zelinski,Sen Ed Markey,Sec of State Bill Galvin,Boston City Councilor Steve Murphy,Bill Martin.Marty Lorry,Miles Cloverdale,Brent Conway,Curtis LeMay,DickJohnson and of course hanging out with my son Brian who was attending his 8th convention as a delegate from the Town of Norton.

    Once again The Democratic Convention for all intent and purpose was a success (in my humble opinion).