Kevin Murphy new Lowell City Manager

Lowell City Council Special Meeting, March 31, 2014

Selection and appointment of City Manager

City Auditor update

Motion to suspend the rules relative to City Auditor search. Passes. Another candidate dropped out leaving only one applicant. Councilor Milinazzo moves that the council reopen the search, allow the one remaining finalist to automatically be a finalist in the next round, and that the special meeting now scheduled for this Thursday be cancelled. It should be posted and advertised as soon as possible. Councilor Leahy suggests a two week deadline for applications. They discuss entities and organizations that might be able to help identify more candidates this time. Other councilors prefer 21 days so here’s a motion to amend which passes. Motion as amended passes unanimously.

City Manager selection

Procedurally, there will be a motion to appoint a city manager during which councilors will state by name the candidate they prefer. Councilor Leahy says this is one of the most important duties as councilors. From the beginning he may have been a distraction to the process. When the Ethics Commission told me I could proceed, I participated because I wanted to do my job. All candidates had something to offer. When it came down to it I decided

Elliott – Murphy
Kennedy – Murphy
Leahy – Ramirez
Martin – Murphy
Mercier – Murphy
Milinazzo – Murphy
Rourke – Murphy
Samaras – Murphy
Belanger – Murphy

Kevin Murphy appointed city manager.

John Leahy changes his vote to Murphy

Councilor Rourke moves that the Mayor and City Solicitor enter into discussions with Kevin Murphy as to the terms of his employment agreement with the city.

3 Responses to Kevin Murphy new Lowell City Manager

  1. Cathy Keane says:

    Congrats Kevin, what a great accomplishment! Looking forward to you leading Lowell in the years ahead!

  2. Christopher says:

    I hope and assume this means he will resign or at least not seek re-election as State Representative. What’s the buzz on names of candidates to succeed him in the House?