Locally produced documentary featured at Boston Film Festival

Back in November at the annual meeting of Lowell Telecommunications Corporation, I had the opportunity to meet Gary Bergeron who won the LTC 2013 Innovator award for his documentary BASTA which was entirely produced at LTC.

Gary is a victim of the clergy abuse scandal and BASTA documents his journey to the Vatican in search of explanation and understanding. Here’s a description of the film from its website:

BASTA is a film documenting the story of the emotional journey taken by simple men detailing their attempts to reach behind and beyond the Vatican walls in search of help, hope and aid in healing a nation reeling from the effects of the clergy abuse scandal. A decade after starting on a personal journey for justice, one man finds that success isn’t always defined by achieving his goal, sometimes, it’s defined by the attempt itself. And sometimes, in that attempt, you also find out who you are. film documenting the story of the emotional journey taken by simple men.

BASTA has been selected for screening at the Boston International Film Festival which will be held from April 11th through April 21st at the Loews Cineplex / AMC, here in Boston, Massachusetts. BASTA will be shown at 2:30 on Sunday April 20th. This will also be the public premiere of the film.

Gary was kind enough to send me a preview copy of the film which I recently watched. It is poignant, insightful and it captures the effects, both short and long term, of this dark episode in our history.

Below is the BASTA trailer: