Adventures of Ivy (dog videos)

I’ve long urged people to start producing short videos about life in Lowell. Content more than quality is the point. Flood the internet with a video record about everyday things that we take for granted but when seen in video might help us appreciate them more. Back in January, I started doing one such video each week. Calling them My Lowell, they’ve been simple video clips stitched together without regard for audio. As these videos rolled out, it soon became clear that the star of the show was Ivy, our Yellow Lab. I soon concluded that her star power warranted her own show and so we now have Adventures of Ivy to go along with My Lowell. The second and first episodes of the Ivy show are below followed by the first My Lowell episode. There are five of them now. If you care to watch any, just jump over to my YouTube channel which now contains 232 videos that I’ve produced through the years. But first, enjoy Ivy: