Help ‘Lowell Makes’ build a wood shop

From the moment I first heard of the concept of a “maker space” I was intrigued and thought it would be a perfect fit for Lowell. One of the basic pillars of the city’s prominence in 19th century America was the propensity of its citizens to excel in the mechanical arts, usually with little or no formal training. I believe the “tinkerer” gene is deeply embedded in the city’s DNA which perfectly positions Lowell to excel in the new Industrial Revolution that is grounded not in textile mills but in small scale, custom manufacturing.

Lowell Makes provides interested citizens with the tools and setting needed to experiment and create with electronics, 3D printing, and more traditional mechanical arts. Even before it opened, one of the most requested capabilities at Lowell Makes was the ability to do wood working. The site now has plenty of donated wood working tools but lacks the proper enclosure in which to use them. (Saw dust flying a few feet from your 3D printer is not a recipe for success).

To better meet the needs and desires of Lowell’s tinkering class, Lowell Makes has embarked on a fund raising drive to help it build a full wood shop with floor-to-ceiling walls, a sawdust collection system, workbenches and assembly tables and modifications to the ventilation and fire suppression systems. Learn more about the project on the Lowell Makes website and by watching the video below. To contribute to the cause, visit Lowell Make’s Indegogo page.


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