“My Lowell”

The politics and history of Lowell often dominate our discussions here, but sometimes it’s the little things around us that make this city such a fascinating place to live. From time to time, we’ve urged people to write about or photograph the things in Lowell that make this a unique place and to share the resulting words and images with us on this site. Back on New Year’s Day, I decided to start carrying a small video camera with me as I go about my day and at the end of each week, to stitch together short clips of the things I film during the previous seven days. I now have three episodes of “My Lowell” that I’ve posted on YouTube and shared through Facebook and Twitter. Because I include clips of our Yellow Lab, Ivy, there’s been a good reaction thus far. It’s definitely a learning experience, though.

Below I’ve posted the three videos I’ve done thus far. Please check them out and consider doing something like this yourself. It doesn’t have to be video clips – it could be photos or words. But give it a try and share it with everyone.

Episode 3


Episode 2


Episode 1