City Council Special Meeting: January 21, 2014

Special meeting on hiring process for hiring new City Manager and Auditor.
First item: Review Auditor job description and salary range of $85,000 to $100,000. Councilor Martin questions whether salary should be posted/advertised or left until the end and depend on the successful candidate. They add “municipal law experience” to desired characteristics. Kennedy moves that ads list incumbents present salary and state salary is negotiable just as will be done with city manager’s ads. Proposed job description as amended adopted. Next is how long to advertise. Mayor says most applications will be in response to web version of ad and will come in quickly, so might not need a full month of advertising. Lot of back and forth on how long to run ad and how long applicants will have to respond. Council votes 5 to 4 to have application period run 30 days (others want shorter period). Voting for 30 days Milinazzo, Samaras, Kennedy, Rourke and Martin. Voting no Leahy, Elliott, Belanger and Mercier. Next issue is how many times to run ad in print editions. Will run one Sunday and one weekday. Application deadline is February 27. Once resumes are received, councilor will hold another special meeting to decide timing of interview/selection process. Next issue is whether resumes will be available to councilors as they come in or whether they will be held until all are received and only then be presented to councilors. Councilors opt to wait to get all at once.

[I had to leave the meeting and so missed any discussion of city manager position however that took no longer than 10 minutes].