Textile Memorial Bridge: The Final Days

Photos by Tony Sampas.

One Response to Textile Memorial Bridge: The Final Days

  1. Steven W Lindsey says:

    Once We were Engineers

    The loss of the Textile Memorial Bridge follows close on the loss of the Sailor and Soldiers’ Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth which followed soon upon the loss of the Lake Champlain Bridge…

    With the Textile Memorial Bridge gone, the Schell Memorial Bridge of Northfield, Ma will go. And soon the Mildred Long Bridge also of Portsmouth. Soon almost all of New England’s steel and iron bridges will be gone within our lifetimes. They were never as popular as the covered bridges that proceeded them.

    There is no support for saving such parts of our civil engineering heritage, save maybe Vermont which actually does make an effort to save smaller spans.

    Savor the few that survive for now. Like Boston’s Northern Avenue Bridge which survived only because the politician who wanted it removed died unexpectedly.

    Other places outside of New England have preserved some for future generations to enjoy… That is where America’s Civil Engineering will reside, a reminder of our heyday… When all else has shifted to the Asian landmass and our fortunes darkened, our names forgotten.