Eggroll Cafe on University Ave

Eggroll Cafe, 110 University Ave, Lowell

A stellar review in yesterday’s Boston Globe North section prompted me to traverse the Richard P. Howe Bridge to get lunch at Eggroll Cafe at 110 University Ave in Lowell. Located just beyond the north campus of UMass Lowell, the Cafe, the trip there from the Highlands and finding parking close by were both easy on a Sunday afternoon. The egg rolls, bubble tea and banana rolls (for dessert) were all excellent. Like the Globe reviewer, I strongly recommend trying Lowell’s Eggroll Cafe.

2 Responses to Eggroll Cafe on University Ave

  1. Dean says:

    We have been trying to convince Eggroll Cafe to open a cafe in Chelmsford or Westford for the last two years.

  2. Paul Sweeney (AKA Paul@01852) says:

    I second Dick’s recommendation! My wife and I just had the variety platter and the chicken fried rice. My wife raved that it was the best fried rice she’s ever had! The eggrolls were excellent. My wife’s favorite was the crab rangoon while mine was the samosa. For those not familiar a samosa is an Indian dumpling with peas potatoes and a seasoned sauce. The EC replaces the dumpling with the crispy eggroll shell. Definitely a “keeper” and a plce to go when it’s the height of dinner time and the wait at other restaurants is an hour or more! Oh, and because I mentioned that I had read positive reviews both here and in the Globe I was “rewarded” with an order of apple crisp eggrolls for dessert on the house!