The new route to Logan Airport

Yesterday I drove to Logan Airport for the first time since last Friday’s closure of the Callahan Tunnel which will remain closed until the end of March. From Lowell I took Route 3 south to Route 95/128 south to the Mass Turnpike east. I stayed on the Turnpike, passing through the Ted Williams Tunnel, and soon found myself at the airport without any difficulty. That drive was in the middle of the afternoon. Traffic tightened up a bit inside the tunnel but never slowed below the posted speed limit. For the return trip home, the usual route – the Sumner Tunnel to Route 93 north – was still open so I took that. The Sumner will close for maintenance once the Callahan is done. With so many people taking days off this week due to the Christmas to New Year’s work and school let down, I suspect that the real test for this new traffic pattern will come next week.