“Legendary Locals of Lowell” still on sale

On Christmas night and again yesterday, I noticed some Tweets on Twitter by people who had received Legendary Locals of Lowell as Christmas gifts. Thank you to all who made those selections and to those who received the book as a gift, I hope you enjoy it. The book is still available on Amazon and yesterday while at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Nashua, I noticed plenty of copies in the “New England” section (shown above).

I have several ideas percolating for my next book which will certainly be about Lowell in one way or another. Whatever it turns out to be, I hope to have it available by summer. More on that later.

One Response to “Legendary Locals of Lowell” still on sale

  1. kevin mcguire says:

    Hi–I tried to buy ‘Legendary Locals’ at the Visitors Center on Market St and at the frame shop/memorabilia store on Jackson st—both sold out.
    I’ll order it on Amazon, but a local outlet in Lowell would be great.