Nicholas Kristof on Empathy

Wednesday’s NY Times included an opinion column by Nicholas Kristof in which he wondered about a lack of empathy in today’s society, especially regarding children in need. Read the essay here, and consider getting the NYT if you want more of this kind of writing.

One Response to Nicholas Kristof on Empathy

  1. Renee Aste says:

    Oh boy….

    Yeah I’m careful to complain about the my children, well you know the typical day to day stuff. I’ve received my share of ‘You chose to have them’. I get worried if they melt down at the store, with strangers looking.

    And I’m married.

    So imagine bring a single mom with little social support. Parenting is more about social (emotional), then it is just financial.

    Poor parents LOVE their children no less, we live in a society that says buying your kids stuff equals love. So if they get a sum of money, let’s say I’ve seen them use it unwisely to show love to their kids. So yes, you may see a parent on multiple susdized programs only to see their 12 year old with an iPhone and 100 dollar sneakers. But that is how we show love, isn’t?

    More common are expensive birthday parties. My seven year old got a present and cake, his speech therapist confided in me that she was surprised. Most kids get that ‘big party’, with many lower income parents spending a few hundred dollars.

    I have to find it, but when it comes to prom season that low income families will actually spend more then middle class.

    Again love.