“The Debate Begins” by Robert Gignac

I’m pleased to announce that Robert Gignac has agreed to become a contributor to this site by submitting blog posts from time to time on a variety of issues. Here’s his first:

Last week, OMR Architects presented the following information to the Facility Subcommittee (Chair Jim Leary, Kristin Ross-Sitcawich and myself) of the Lowell School Committee. OMR Architects is a private firm hired by the Lowell School Committee to perform a district wide facility audit and provide assistance in developing a capital plan for the city’s schools.
Below are the PreK-8 Options:

To see a larger version of the PK-8 Master Planning Options click HERE.

The options listed above consist of some very complex configurations of the city’s PreK-8 school facilities. Everything from renovations to constructing new schools is included in the options above. As this is the first step in creating a capital plan, much discussion will occur regarding these options.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget to share the Lowell High School options:

To see a larger version of the High School Planning Options click HERE.

Option 1 consists of options regarding renovating the current site. Including options to build new additions where the 1980 buildings currently stand. ($98M-$245M)

Option 2 consists of 2 options regarding a brand new school facility out of the downtown. These two options would result in vacating the current site. ($290M-$292M)

Option 3 includes renovating the old buildings and vacating the 1980 building. This option requires constructing an additional high school somewhere else in the city. A combination of Option 3 and one of Options 4(A-D) would be required to adequately house the student population. ($259M-$302M)

Option 4 includes building 2 new high school facilities. This option vacates the downtown campus. ($350M-$396M)

The School Committee will be discussing these options over the next few months. Public hearings and open meetings will take place in hopes to generate interest from the public to participate in the process.