“Fog Lights” by Joe Meehan

I recently learned that Joe Meehan, a good friend from the Greater Lowell YMCA, writes poetry. I asked him to consider sharing one of his poems with us and he agreed. Here’s what Joe offered as background:

The change from September to October has a different look and feel the other months’ lack. We find the difference late at night as we gaze from our window the neighborhood is wrapped in the beauty of a light gray fog. The poem is called “Fog Lights”

And here’s the poem:

Fog Lights
By Joe Meehan
November 2013

The midnight fog comes unannounced
Spreading its stealthy stillness
Over the darkened landscape.

It rolls through the deserted streets
Like gray tumbleweeds.
The fog gently creeps like a rising tide
Settling its soft blanket of mist
Over all in its path.

The streetlights are eerily bathed
In a halo of tarnished pewter
And are no longer seen
As beacons to light the way.

The dense night air is heavy with condensation
As droplets of water bead
The Ladd and Whitney monument bearing the City’s seal,
“Art is the Handmaid of Human Good.”

It fades quickly as the suns’ brightness
Burns the fog’s dark silent
Beauty to another day.