Grand opening of “Lowell Makes” today

Lowell Makes is a “makerspace” located at 47 Lee Street in Lowell that holds its grand opening today at 10am. All are invited to attend. Every makerspace is unique, but all share some characteristics such as

Shared equipment, tools and resources most people cannot afford on their own or fit in their homes.
A vibrant community that loves to make, fix, invent and modify,or “hack” things – all kinds of things – and loves to share knowledge and learn.
An ecosystem where anyone can be a student, teacher or both.

The Lowell makerspace plans to have a mix of high-tech things like 3D printers and CNC mills, along with more traditional workshop spaces including a wood shop and metal shop. Ultimately, the kinds of things we have will be determined by the members of the organization. Lowell Makes has a variety of membership options, but the best way to decide if it is for you is to pay a visit to the site.

In conjunction with the grand opening, Lowell Makes will host a 24-hour Hackathon beginning at noon tomorrow (Saturday, November 2) lasting until noon on Sunday. The event will take place at the Lowell Makes space at 47 Lee Street. The task: “to make something that does anything, or anything that does something, from scratch—in 24 hours.” The Hackathon site has more information plus an explanation of the cash prizes (including a $500 first prize) to the winners of the competition.

UPDATE: Jen Myers has a story about and plenty of pictures from today’s opening on the Room 50 blog.