MassDOT transportation survey

A reader brought to my attention a survey that’s just been launched on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website. The DOT explanation of the survey is

MassDOT Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Davey today announced release of the MassDOT Highway Division User Satisfaction Survey. The online survey seeks to gather public input about Highway Division performance in maintaining state roadways and identifying priorities in delivering services during the next two years.

However our reader points out the following:

It is important to spread the word about this survey. I think that it is geared toward MassDOT’s shift toward bettering signage on state highways, i.e. information, route numbers, construction and detours. Yet, I think that it is imperative to try to drum up funding and support for pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation in this region. I think that MassDOT should be taking a greater role in supporting New Hampshire’s endeavors to expand the Lowell line to Concord. This would help ease the numbers at the Lowell station, especially with the development of the Hamilton Canal district, not to mention the Tanner Street and other projects. I think that Lowell should have access to not just Boston by Rail, but also Manchester (and the airport) and Concord.