Vote 18, Vote 19, Vote 20

Vote 17. The Lowell-based campaign to allow for voting at 17 years old has been going on since 2010. The United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) has made an extraordinary effort on this issue. If all the young people in Lowell who have been pushing this change registered to vote when they turned 18, they could be a September Surprise in the Preliminary Election this coming Tuesday. This will be something to watch for Tuesday night.

Vote 17

One Response to Vote 18, Vote 19, Vote 20

  1. Joe says:

    Hello Richard. Thanks for the site. Everyone loves the fact that these young people are trying to fight for the right to vote. It’s a noble effort by them. But is it a noble effort by all? I know there are some candidates for city council with close connections to UTEC. Is it really worth making a massive change to our local political system just to benefit a certain group of up and coming candidates ?