2014 Gubernatorial Race Developments

Since the election to choose the next governor of the Commonwealth is still 15 months away, not all of our readers might be following developments related to that race. There have been a few during the past 72 hours, so I thought it appropriate to document them here.

Juliette Kayyem, a former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the US government announced that she would be a candidate for governor. Kayyem, a native of Los Angeles, is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. She has spent her professional career studying and leading the fight against terrorism having served as our state’s first Undersecretary of Homeland Security in the Patrick Administration as well as in the federal Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, she has been a lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government and has written a biweekly Op-Ed column for the Boston Globe.

Kayyem has never before sought elective office, but then neither had Deval Patrick before he ran for governor. Whether the two have anything else in common should become evident during the coming months. Kayyem’s campaign website is HERE and her introductory video follows:


In other gubernatorial news, Harwich State Senator Dan Wolf, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor last month just before the state convention in Lowell, suspended his campaign and may resign his state senate seat next week due to an adverse ruling by the state ethics commission. Wolf, the founder and owner of Cape Air, the airline that shuttles people between the Cape and Boston, was determined by the Ethics Commission to have a conflict of interest because his airline has contracts with MassPort. Wolf has asked the Commission to reconsider its ruling but unless there’s a reversal, he will be out.

Other Democrats either announced or rumored to be running for governor are State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Donald Berwick, Joseph Avellone (all announced) and Attorney General Martha Coakley, Congressman Mike Capuano and Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone (all thought to be considering it).

On the Republican side, former US Senator Scott Brown came home from Iowa and announced he would not seek the Republican nomination for governor (of Massachusetts) in 2014. He said he will instead support Charlie Baker who was the Republican nominee in 2010 when Deval Patrick was re-elected. Some are questioning Brown’s enthusiasm for Baker’s candidacy since Brown is reported to have stated publicly about Baker “Is he Mr. Personality? No,” . . . “Everyone knows that he’s not.”

2 Responses to 2014 Gubernatorial Race Developments

  1. kad barma says:

    Was the jab at Baker’s personality necessary here? I’d feel better about your advocacy for Kayyem if the expression might have been more purely positive.

  2. DickH says:

    It wasn’t a jab at Baker; it was a jab at Brown. Brown says he supports Baker’s candidacy and then says something like that? Thanks for the help, Scott.

    When Baker was the Secretary of Administration and Finance, I thought he did a good job under tough economic conditions. Baker is probably the Republican I would dislike the least as governor.