Capri pants for men

When it comes to clothing choices when traveling overseas, I’ve always thought it best to try to blend in, or at least not to stand out. That means that obvious stuff like Red Sox t-shirts and Lowell National Park ball caps get left at home. But when I got on the ground in Berlin earlier this month my strategy failed me. All of the men who weren’t in dark gray business suits seemed to be wearing Capri pants (as seen in the photo above). While they look comfortable, the Bob’s Store TV commercial from a couple of years ago, shown below, pretty much guarantees that this fashion trend won’t catch on around here.


3 Responses to Capri pants for men

  1. Laura M. MacNeil says:

    Au contraire. Just yesterday I saw 4 men wearing capri pants downtown. I wasn’t looking that hard either.

  2. DickH says:

    Capri pants in Lowell? Are you sure they weren’t just long shorts? Although visiting Andrew in Cambridge yesterday we saw several guys with bare calfs but Andrew assured us they had to be European tourists visiting Harvard Square

  3. Sheila says:

    Do jeans rolled up to mid-calf count? Then add another sighting in downtown Lowell. Maybe this is the “new Lowell” I keep hearing about!