Back from Berlin

At the Berlin Wall Museum

For anyone who enjoys history, Berlin should be high on the list of places to visit. I just got back from a seven day visit (which is why I’ve been AWOL from blogging). Beginning with the German History Museum where we say a document preserved in bronze from the year 171 which granted a Germanic soldier his Roman citizenship after 25 years of service in a Legion, to the present-day remaking of the city into one of the most vibrant places in the world, it was a bit overwhelming. Because I spent three years in West Germany while serving in the US Army at the height of the Cold War, places explaining the peaceful collapse of Communism was perhaps of most interest to me, hence the photo above along the excellent government-run museum on the Berlin Wall. As time permits over the coming days, I’ll do occasional posts about some of the places I found most interesting. And, being rested and ready from a week away from the keyboard, I’ll plunge into all the other topics of the day as time permits.

One Response to Back from Berlin

  1. Dean says:

    On August 2,1990, I was at the Berlin Wall with my girl friend. People from all over the world were using sledge hammers, hammers, metal bars and many other objects on the Wall. I brought two big chucks of the Berlin wall home with me. Had no problem with customs. When I arrived home I took a hammer to the chucks and gave out small pieces to my dentist, doctor and all my friends. One of my friends said that ” this is the best present I ever received.”