A fowl post by Gerry

Back at the end of the 2010 football season, the seriousness of the NFL playoffs was interrupted by a story that Jets’ coach Rex Ryan had an affinity for female feet. A few days later while preparing to play the Jets, then-Patriots’ wide receiver Rex Welker gave a seemingly serious interview in which he made ten references to feet in a nine minute interview. Many concluded the repeated use of that noun by Welker was no coincidence and found the episode hilarious.

Fellow blogger Gerry Nutter gives a Welker-esque effort today in his blog post on a petition regarding the right to keep and raise chickens which is an issue sorely in need of some levity. The opening paragraph of Gerry’s post follows:

Don’t think folks have forgotten about the Chicken Issue. There hasn’t been a lot of clucking lately but I’ve been keeping a-breast of this so I can have a leg up on others, because I wouldn’t want to get caught with egg on my face when this is brought before the Council. You know feathers will fly over this chicken sh*t issue. HENce this eggcellent update.