Senator Markey

At about 9 last evening, the AP called the US Senate special election in Massachusetts for Ed Markey. According to statistics in this morning’s Globe, Markey received 532,335 votes to 450,181 for Gabriel Gomez. Percentage-wise, the margin was 54% to 46%. The new Senator should take office within the next two weeks which in turn will set off another special election to fill his Congressional seat (and may I just add that due to my own case of temporary campaign fatigue, I’m relieved not to live in that district).

Having been involved in the local Markey campaign from its beginning in the snows of February up until the heatwave of election day, I plan to write a full report in the coming days. For now, here are the results from Lowell and the surrounding towns:

Markey won Lowell, 58% to 42% (5656 to 4150).

Gomez won all of the following towns by the margins indicated:

Dracut – 65% to 35% (2249 to 1807)
Tyngsborough – 65% to 35% (1382 to 752)
Tewksbury – 61% to 39% (3287 to 2120)
Billerica – 60% to 40% (4098 to 2752)
Westford – 59% to 41% (501 to 346)
Chelmsford – 57% to 43% (4381 to 3344)

One Response to Senator Markey

  1. Joe S says:

    Later data shows Markey at 642,988 versus Gomez at 525,080 or 55% to 45%. The total of less than 1.2M votes may be an indication of voter burnout with the repeated elections and continuing partisan battles.