Thorndike at Highland Street: Accident-ville

Another smash up at the intersection of Thorndike and Highland streets this morning. Two ambulances, two police cars, one fire truck. From a distance I saw one person on a gurney being wheeled to an ambulance. It appeared that the three cars involved were lined up in the right lane going south on Thorndike in front of the Keith Academy residential building. Maybe a rear-end collision today? People who know more about traffic management than I do have studied this intersection for years, but it remains a dangerous stretch of road. I don’t know if more signs would help or a traffic-calming solution. To slow the cars, there is a traffic light at the entry to the Gallagher transportation terminal. There’s another light on the other side near the Y. The variable seems to be drivers rushing to the Green light signal going south towards the Lowell Connector or, the other way, heading north into the downtown and towards the bridges to Pawtucketville, Dracut, New Hampshire. The other element here is the sheer congestion, the volume of cars at rush hour or almost any time. This area is worth another look. I know the Hamilton Canal District transportation planners have studied the entire area. When the HCD is fully built-out the Thorndike corridor from the Connector to Dutton Street will be even busier and more treacherous for drivers.

One Response to Thorndike at Highland Street: Accident-ville

  1. Joe S says:

    I think the left turn to Highland street from Thorndike contributes to the problem, as the race to the Connector is taking both lanes up to that point, with some unwise lane-shifting when the outside lane is blocked with someone waiting to make the left turn.

    Maybe the outside lane should be limited to the left turn and straight through on Thorndike south to Gorham, and the inside lane for only YMCA drive and the Connector.