Markey rally fires up Greater Lowell supporters

More than 150 Greater Lowell supporters of Ed Markey’s campaign for US Senate gathered today at Hookslide Kelly’s in downtown Lowell for what must be considered one of the most memorable political events in recent city history. Joining Markey on stage and speaking to the crowd were US Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, State Senator Eileen Donoghue and Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Carole King. Also on stage in a show of Democratic unity were some of the top local supporters of Steve Lynch who was Markey’s opponent in the Democratic primary. These included former State Senator Steve Panagiotakos, State Representative Tom Golden and City Councilors Marty Lorrey and Vesna Nuon. Councilor Ed Kennedy was also in attendance.

Senator Warren again showed why she electrified the electorate last fall when she set out the many reasons why it is so critical to send a Democrat to the US Senate in this special election which is just three weeks from this Tuesday. Warren also expressed her love for Lowell, waving a pair of boxing gloves as she reminded everyone how it was while campaigning in this city that she established her reputation as a fighter.

And Carole King was amazing. In her remarks she explained that she has lived in Idaho for 36 years and that back in the 1990s when she went to Washington to express concern for deteriorating environmental conditions in the northern Rockies the only person besides the scientists who understood global warming was Ed Markey. She’s been a friend and a supporter ever since. She closed by leading the crowd in a group rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend” which helped make it a truly memorable event.