Richard Howe, Jr., Dot Com and More

Just a shout out to the inventor of this blog, our faithful leader and executive editor, friend and colleague Dick Howe, Jr., on the delivery of his first book, “Legendary Locals of Lowell.” I predict a long shelf life for this sweeping pictorial account of people in the city. As one would expect, the commentary is thoughtful and substantive. The photographs are remarkable for the information that they carry, whether the image is of an individual, a team portrait, or a group shot. Best of luck with the volume, Dick. The public will be clamoring for volume two before long.

Legendary Locals fo Lowell

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  1. Marie says:

    I agree with Bob – well said Paul.. I got my copies this morning. Although I had had a quick look at some of the photos, I hadn’t read any text. What a great job Dick fitting the photo, the context, the people and the history together. Mailing copies out to family ASAP! Kudos!