A Memory Making Storm…What Are Yours?

As we sit and wait to see the full impact of today’s expected “Blizzard”, below is a look back at the storm of the century. The storm that those of use that lived through will never forget.

In 1978 I was living on the first floor of a three family house in Everett and teaching at Everett High. It was a Monday and on the way home after dismissal I stopped by the drugstore to pick up “I don’t remember what”. I’ll never forget it. Honestly, I remember thinking as I got out of my 1974 Pontiac Station Wagon “the air feels strange”. I’ll admit it, I was hoping it would snow enough so I’d get the next day off ..But, not in my wildest dreams did I image it would be close to three weeks before I’d return to my classroom at Everett High School.  The Blizzard of ’78 was a memory maker…What do you remember the most about The Great Storm?

2 Responses to A Memory Making Storm…What Are Yours?

  1. kad barma says:

    Best part is Ted O’Brien interviewing a baby-faced, 30-ish, 70’s haired, wide lapelled 3-piece plaid suit wearing Harvey Leonard. (And check out how accurate his prediction was even with 70’s weather tech). Even Mikey D in a sweater any other generation would call a woman’s can’t compare. Wow.

  2. Casey Swan says:

    I was only 3 at the time, but I remember building an enormous snow cat with marble eyes in the front yard with my grandmother.