Rourke Bridge meeting

In response to my request earlier today for a correspondent to report on tonight’s meeting on the future of the Rourke Bridge and vicinity, someone kindly took up my offer and sent the following:

The subject of tonight’s meeting was the many intersections in the area, what the current status of the various intersection is, what it would be projected to be in 2035, and what may be done in the meantime to improve them. The focus was on the corridor from Drum Hill to the north side of the river. (The Rourke Bridge itself will be discussed at the next meeting in March.)

A constraint in improving that corridor is the properties north of the Westford street intersection, including an historic house on the east side of Wood street. Those constraints have led to the tentative decision to not widen the road from Westford street north. Despite this constraint, they will study widening Drum Hill road and Wood street south of Westford street to 4 lanes.

Most of the other changes being considered are improvements in signalization. The additions of traffic lights at Westford/Stedman and Baldwin/Middlesex are likely. A video camera system at the north side of the current bridge is projected to improve the througput at the north end of the bridge, as it would lessen unnecessary delays waiting when no opposing traffic is present.

The meeting viewgraphs and some notes may be found at this website.

One Response to Rourke Bridge meeting

  1. C R Krieger says:

    I am not surprised, but I am disappointed, that we can not move an historic house between now and 2035.  Purchase land and move it back.  We have 22 years here to play with.  Children will be born, grow up and graduate from college in that period of time.

    No one can predict what forms of transportation we will have in 2035, but the chances of one still being the automobile suggests that we should four-lane it from the Drum Hill rotary, down the hill and across the river.  Should we let another hundred years go by and not fix this problem?

    Color me disappointed.

    Regards&nbnsp; —  Cliff