Murray opts out: whew! by Marjorie Arons-Barron

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Tim Murray 1Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray has announced he won’t be a candidate for governor or any other statewide office in 2014. We’re thus spared the media obsession with his peculiar early morning driving accident in 2011, never explained to the satisfaction of many in the Commonwealth.  And we can leave it to the court system, rather than the electoral process, to determine the level  of his involvement in the case of former Chelsea Housing Authority head Michael McLaughlin, who allegedly raised lots of money illegally for Murray.

His friend, Congressman Jim McGovern, issued a very gracious statement to cover Murray’s awkward political status.

Congressman James McGovern of Worcester, described as a close friend, issued the following statement Friday morning: “I fully understand, respect and admire Tim Murray’s decision to not seek the governor’s office in 2014. The greatest service any of us can render is to care for our families. Today, Tim has chosen to forego this particular campaign to spend more time with Tammy so that together they can focus on their young daughters. That takes both courage and character.”  And a recognition that his personal brand is significantly tarnished.  (His association with the proposed Patrick-Murray administration tax package might have further complicated Murray’s running for Governor.)

The next gubernatorial race could become livelier.  Treasurer Steve Grossman is clearly gearing up for a run.  Considering doing so is Donald Berwick, former head of the Medicare system, though at this point virtually no one knows who he is.  Attorney General Martha Coakley, though denying interest, can’t be ruled out.  And Congressman Mike Capuano, a scrappy liberal, former Somerville Mayor, and a natural fit for Murray’s blue collar base, would be a formidable entrant.

Everyone expects that former everything Charlie Baker will be the standard bearer of the GOP, unless Scott Brown unlikely takes a pass on the Senate race.  State Representative  Dan Winslow would be a credible candidate. Other Republicans and Democrats may also jump in.

So,  Lieutenant Governor Murray.  You are a really nice guy.  You’ve done some great work on behalf of veterans, housing for the homeless and disabled adults, and you’ve been a good liaison with the local communities. But you really messed up. And, given the challenges that Massachusetts faces, we don’t want or need a gubernatorial campaign that from the outset would be sidetracked by stories on the dark side of politics.

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