Harvard Brewery Items

This video shows some interesting memorabilia from the Harvard Brewery in Lowell.

captainbirch originally posted this video.

2 Responses to Harvard Brewery Items

  1. John Quealey says:

    The Harvard Brewery was in Ayers City Lowell, where Target is now. They had ale and beer and it was featured in all the bars and package stores in the area. Many aea people worked at the Harvard and they paid very well, but like most of the local brewerys they went out.
    Germans owned Harvard Brewery and during World War II the government took it over and the Walter E. Goyette Company ran it for the government.
    The Oblates had a seminary in Tewksbury, where the Oblate residence is now. The building looked like the Havard Brewery buliding and was called The Brewery. It was the same color bricks as the Harvard. The Oblate building burned 50 years ago.

  2. George DeLuca says:

    Watched it burn down in 1957. I was about 6 years old and we could see the smoke from our house at 103 Powell St. My father said, “let’s go” and off we went walking down to the site. It was a huge fire and we sat and watched along a grass bank along Plain St. It seemed like we were on a rolling hill looking down a on the burning complex.

    Came home with a handful of Harvard Brewery coasters. There seemed to be a lot of them strewn about … they were everywhere. Don’t know how they got there to this day.

    Looking back, I’d say the building was about where Marshalls is now.