Ray Boutin chosen for Greater Lowell Tech School Committee

Four candidates came forward to compete to replace Mike Lenzi on the Greater Lowell Technical High School Committee. They were Ray Boutin, Cliff Krieger, Dave Laferriere and Fru Nkimbeng. Each candidate gave a five minute opening statement, answered a handful of questions from the joint committee of the city council and school committee, and then had one minute to close. After a brief recess, the roll call went like this:

Rodney Elliott – Krieger
Ed Kennedy – Boutin
John Leahy – Boutin
Marty Lorrey – Boutin
Bill Martin – Boutin
Joe Mendonca -Krieger
Rita Mercier – Krieger
Patrick Murphy – Nkimbeng
Vesna Nuon – Krieger

Dave Conway – Boutin
Robert Gignac – Boutin
Jim Leary – Krieger
Connie Martin – Boutin
Kristin Ross-Sitcawich – Krieger
Kim Scott – Krieger

The result: seven each for Boutin and Krieger and one for Nkimbeng. That same result occurred on the second ballot. On the third ballot, Mayor Murphy changed his vote from Nkimbeng to Boutin, electing Boutin with eight votes to seven for Krieger. Boutin immediately sworn in by Clerk Michael Geary.

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