Peanut Butter & Pickles

More often than not, lunch for me is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so when I caught sight of a “peanut butter” in a front-page headline of yesterday’s New York Times food section, I went right to the story. But the “and” following this story’s peanut butter was not jelly, but pickles. Yes, spread peanut butter on white bread, layer on some bread and butter pickle slices, and you have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. The article’s author concedes that this delicacy lurks “just below the radar” and gives us some historical context:

The sandwiches appeared on lunch-counter menus during the Great Depression and in extension-service cookbooks in the 1930s and ’40s in recipes that generally called for a few spoonfuls of pickle relish. A lot of people’s grandmothers used to eat them. These days, they’re a cult item.

Has anyone ever heard of this? When I consider trying one, my imagination bounces between fascination and revulsion. Still, I’ll probably give it a try one of these days.

8 Responses to Peanut Butter & Pickles

  1. Marie says:

    It sounds disgusting, looks disgusting and probably is disgusting. My choice – a fluffer nutter!

  2. Tony says:

    Peanut butter is my favorite food…I too eat it 90% of the time for lunch (sans the jelly). I just made some homemade B&B pickles. I might just give this combo a try.

  3. Craig in MA says:

    I have heard people mention a Peanut Butter & Pickle sandwich, but usually as a joke. I never imaged anyone would actually eat one. I might have to try it…

  4. Paul@01852 says:

    A few years ago the rage in sandwich shops was Peanut ButterAnd… As I recall the “And” could be quite exotic! nI don’t specifically recall if pickles was on the list but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. DickH says:

    I took the plunge and tried one. Skippy peanut butter, Vlasic bread and butter stackers, and white bread. Blotting the pickle slices dry with a paper towel kept the bread from getting soggy. Because the pickles were kind of sweet, it tasted like a PB&J made with an atypical flavor of jelly. Plus the crunch of the pickles added a nice texture. Take the plunge and have one.

  6. John Quealey says:

    Spread both slices of bread with peanut butter then place the pickile on one slice and then put the other slice on top no soggy bread.No comment.I like jam fluff no way.