Lowell: a 2020 Vision

That’s the title of the new Lowell Plan video that was unveiled at this morning’s breakfast. I’ve embedded the video below for your viewing, but before pressing “play”, here’s a preview of what you’ll see:

The 6+ minute video features an upbeat musical track but no narration. Instead, there’s a lot of aerial views of existing buildings and then with the magic of computer generated graphics, buildings either under construction or planned, magically emerge on the screen. Each is impressive but the sheer number of projects underway or in the pipeline is amazing and very exciting. Here are the places and projects featured in the video:

  • UMass Lowell Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center (ETIC)
  • University Crossing (formerly St. Joseph’s Hospital)
  • Richard P. Howe Sr. Bridge
  • University Suites housing
  • Lelacheur Park
  • Tsongas Center District with three new buildings to the front and sides of the arena
  • Wannalancit Mills
  • Lofts at Perkins Park
  • Tremont Yards
  • Boarding House Park
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Boston and Maine Depot (Rialto Building)
  • Middlesex Community College Quad (parking lot next to high rise becomes a park)
  • Hamilton Canal
  • Lowell Community Health Center
  • Lowell Judicial Center
  • Tanner Street Redevelopment
  • Lowell Connector (a highway becomes a boulevard)
  • Western Avenue Studios
  • South Common
  • New Trolley System

An impressive list.  Here’s the video: