Romney, 47% Dependent on Government

Here is the audio of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney saying 47% of Americans are too dependent on the government. According to Politico Romney defended his statement saying, “…the video didn’t fully capture his views or his entire comments about personal responsibility and the role of government in society.”

You be the judge

3 Responses to Romney, 47% Dependent on Government

  1. Bob Forrant says:

    Mitt does not think a whole helluva lot of the hard working poor and the elderly on fixed incomes – surprise – surprise – surprise! Only would be a man bites dog story if he said he did! It is the unscripted moments like this one was that speak volumes on the true measure of our candidates. Unhandled, unspun, and unvarnished – it is OK for Mitt to pay nearly nothing on his capital gains and hide lots of his other wealth from the taxman, but the working poor are to be demonized because they use the earned income tax credit that is as much a part of the tax code as his capital gains shelter. So, where does all this ‘class war’ stuff come from now Mr Fox News???

  2. Greg Page says:

    Bob, well said. I actually received an EITC for 2011 (most of my income was not taxable), and found Romney’s comments to be offensive…at best. For anyone who appreciates obscure Simpsons references, this is the equivalent of Gabbo saying “all the kids in Springfield are SOBs.”

    Do I really have no sense of responsibility in my life? Am I really depending on Uncle Sam for paternalistic handouts in perpetuity? Of course not.

    I am not voting for Mitt Romney (the decision was made before these comments, but is now reinforced). I do want to add, though, that I won’t be voting for Obama, either.

    Maybe everything in politics is just a big Rohrshach test, but I see a lot of Obama’s anti-business rhetoric as being just as bad as the above clip from Romney. Much of it is equally misleading and equally divisive.

    I will writing in a Yankee Republican, Clifford R. Krieger, as my selection this year. Some might say that’s a waste of a vote (the smart money is not on Cliff being elected POTUS this fall) but I say it’s the opposite, as it’s a bigger statement in percentage terms.

  3. Dean says:

    Willard Romney comments on the 47 % , tells me he will not be bipartisan if he gets elected to the White House.