Surrogate Fail

At 7:15 am, I’m bouncing between Iceland-Hungary playing team handball and watching President Obama’s surrogate Robert Gibbs on Morning Joe trying to explain the Obama plan for getting the country back on track—and Gibbs is talking like somebody put a nickel in his back to get a print-out answer. Fail.

The President needs better spokespersons day to day. Barack Obama does a fine job making his case himself, but I see too many sub-par representatives on TV. Morning Joe is not a tough room to play for Democrats. Former GOP chair Michael Steele was the counterpoint. The hosts were practically begging Gibbs to speak in American everyday terms. Joe Scarborough asked, “How are you going to get the economy to move forward?” Gibbs said, “We’re going to invest in education.” Really? And how long will that take? What are the other five big things you are going to do? How do you write the “eihhhh” sound for wrong answer buzzer? Eeiihhhh!

I also do not understand why the President is not saying, Give me a Congress I can work with? He should say, Don’t hire me for another four years without giving me the people who will work with me to get something done. Why would he want to go back into the morass that he has been in for the past two years? Yes, there are things any president can do by executive order and through his day to day work, but it has to be immensely frustrating to be continually blocked by majority opposition in the US House and fillibuster threat and action in the Senate. He should be running against the congressional GOP as much as Mitt Romney–maybe more. Skip right over Romney and focus on the real roadblocks, the real political problem.

4 Responses to Surrogate Fail

  1. C R Krieger says:

    Your comments ring true—from a tactical point of view.  I support the other side, but your suggestions make sense.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. kosta says:

    I’ve been so down about the direction of this country that, for awhile, I considered going back to my home country … Greece.

  3. Publius says:


    Then why don’t you go back to Greece.? By most measures, it id far better in the USA than Greece.I must admit that Greece has better ruins than we do.

  4. kosta says:

    Hello Pubius,
    you missed the badlt stated irony in my comment. Greece is the poster boy for a failed state. No, I’ll stay here and that’s what I meant. :)