Busy Day for Bloggers

Today starts and ends with some of my fellow bloggers. At 6am on City Life on Lowell cable TV channel 8, a bunch of Lowell bloggers will gather to discuss the issues of the day with co-hosts George Anthes and John McDonough. That show will be replayed at 4pm on the same channel and can be viewed streaming online at www.ltc.org.

Then this evening at 630pm, many of the same bloggers plus some members of the mainstream media will gather with Lowell City Manager Bernie Lynch at the LTC studios on Market Street to discuss the manager’s six years in Lowell; a type of anniversary celebration. This event is supposed to be a question and answer format, so if readers would like to suggest any questions to ask the City Manager, please post them here as comments.

Both events should be interesting to watch and will undoubtedly yield some good blog posts, so check back here this evening for accounts of both events.

One Response to Busy Day for Bloggers

  1. Joe S says:

    Although there has been much progress with the Appleton Mills redevelopment and much of the infrastructure in the area, the further development of the Hamiton Canal District has been lagging.

    When will the Freudenberg Building be ready for occupancy, and what is the City doing to promote the Trial Court so that it doesn’t get further delayed? Will the Jackson Street extension occur while the Trial Court is under construction?