The Greek election matters to us by Marjorie Arons-Barron

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Forget Romney and Obama for now.  The greatest immediate impact on the U.S. economy, beyond the control of either nominee, could be what happens Sunday in the Greek run-off election.  On that day, millions of Greek voters will choose from among a group of flawed and untrustworthy leaders a party (or coalition of parties) to lead them out of the corrupt, debt-ridden wilderness.  At stake are that country’s solvency, its membership in the Eurozone, the stability of the global economy, and a possible double dip recession for us all.

Jim Barron (yes, we are related) just returned from Athens with what, I must say, is a cogent take on what’s happening there. It’s published today on

2 Responses to The Greek election matters to us by Marjorie Arons-Barron

  1. Dean says:

    It is always interesting ,but never noted in the American press the percentage of people who vote in Greek national elections. Also, it is never noted on how well the Greek police handle the riots in downtown Athens in the last few months.

  2. Dean says:

    Before WW II the Greeks had to put up with monarchy that was fostered on to them by the Germans. The monarchy in the beginning were German born. Then came the Nazi in WW II. Than with the break up of Jugoslavia. The German were the first nation to recognize the country of Croatia in 1991. The Eastern Orthodox remember the mass killing by the Croatian during WW II with Nazi help. Today comes the heavy hand of the Germans in regards to the euro family. How do you think the Greeks will vote today ?