The National Anthem and the Media

When the National Anthem was being sung wonderfully by a young woman from Springfield to open this morning’s Democratic State Convention, I and all the delegates I could see where standing and facing the colors. The same was not the case in the press box according to this Tweet from the Lowell Sun’s Chris Camire:

Young woman, Vanessa, belts out killer version of national anthem. Do reporters stand during anthem? Most in press box didn’t.

Just wondering if this is common practice and if yes, is it appropriate?

3 Responses to The National Anthem and the Media

  1. In says:

    In my experience, mostly sports press boxes, all reporters stop working and stand. Often at big events, like next week’s Belmont Stakes, there will be three separate anthem performances. We all stand for all of them. At most there is a bit of grumbling.

  2. Christopher says:

    Everyone present during the National Anthem should stand if physically able, with the only exception being if a band or orchestra is playing it the musicians can be seated while playing.

  3. Jim O'Loughlin says:

    Dick, there was a reporter for the Lowell Sun that would not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance before the Selectman meetings. His explanation to me, though he certainly did not need to give one, was that he felt that a reporter should not “participate” at all in a meeting that he was covering and he felt that by reciting the pledge he would in fact be “participating”. That compared to another reporter that would actually raise his hand and ask questions from the floor of the meeting!