National Donut Day

The first Friday in June is National Donut Day. While not a regular element of my diet, donuts are a welcome treat on occasion. They’re also nostalgic making me think of places in Lowell like Mary-Lou’s on Chelmsford Street or Eat-a-Donut at Liberty and School. Today, we have places like Top Donut and Donut Shack and, this being New England, there’s a Dunkin Donuts at (nearly) every intersection.

I also learned an early and important political lesson in a donut shop. One Sunday morning, while waiting in a long line at Eat-a-Donut for a half dozen that would include at least a couple of their signature marshmallow-filled, a city council candidate walked into the store and headed for the back of the line. A at-the-front-of-the-line acquaintance of the candidate yelled out “Hey X, what are you getting” to which the candidate replied “a dozen marshmallow.” The friend placed the order which wiped out the remaining stock of marshmallow donuts along with the potential votes of everyone who was waiting in that line. The moral of the story: if you’re running for office, never ever cut the line.

But enough politics. What’s the best place in Lowell to get a donut today? What’s the best place of all time?

5 Responses to National Donut Day

  1. Marie says:

    Nothing could beat Yum Yum’s sugar crullers! Always a rush on Sunday mornings back in the day to get them warm and before the supply ran out. These were real crullers with a twist. (Yum Yum Shop at Sunrise Plaza…)

  2. John Quealey says:

    A treat in our house was when my Mother would bring home doughnuts from Quality Donut on Merrimack St on the bus.. I don’t remember having them , but I remember seeing the machine making the plain doughnust at Brockelmans The staple in our house was Nissens doughnuts delivered by the bloggers Father, We cannot forget nice plain doughnuts from Hogans now they call them Old Fashion at Dunkin Doughnuts. Later at Communion breakfasts we would have Eat a Doughnuts, also in the late years when Lenzi’s would cater the breakfast we would have nice jelly douhnuts with a lot of jelly in them..
    The first Dunkin Doughnuts owned by the Adies who were Grove boys was Chelmsford St. near 495.
    My breakfast at home is coffee with wheat toast.
    My favorite at Dunkin Dougnut is a bran muffin, and if they don’t have a bran I will get a corn Muffin.