Paul Belley & Greater Lowell Voke

Paul Belley took to his blog, Captains Log, this weekend to confirm his interest in the Greater Lowell Vocational High School committee seat that may become vacant should its current occupant, Mike Lenzi, leave the committee once he moves into the new home he recently purchased in Dracut.

Paul is unequivocal about his interest in the seat: “In the event Mike steps down I would be interested in the seat.” He’s also confident he could obtain the necessary votes from the combined Lowell City Council/School Committee which is how a vacancy would be filled. Here’s what Paul says about his chances of gaining the necessary votes: “I also believe that my relationships with the members of the City Council and School Comm. will give me the votes needed to serve the students and parents of Lowell at the Voke.”

Paul joins Cliff Kreiger and Ray Boutin in publicly expressing interest in the not-yet vacant seat. Read Paul’s full blog post here.